Student Profiles

Shaping the Future

The Gill Center’s dedication to excellence in neuroscience incorporates a commitment to providing the next generation of researchers with outstanding training and hands-on experience. As one would expect of a leading research center, every Gill Chair mentors graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, enabling these young scholars to contribute to cutting-edge research projects that position them to successfully compete for prestigious appointments with academic and other research institutions.

What most distinguishes the Gill Center’s approach to preparing future leaders, however, is its exceptional devotion to working with large numbers of undergraduate students. In addition to teaching undergraduate courses, the Gill Chairs and senior scientists involve approximately 40 undergraduates in their research programs, with some labs hosting up to 15 of these students.

Director and Gill Chair, Professor, Hui-Chen Lu

Because IU Bloomington is an undergraduate campus, one of our primary missions is to educate these next-generation scientists.

Hui-Chen Lu, Gill Center director