Sen Yang

Director and Gill Chair, Professor, Hui-Chen Lu

Sen proactively reads the literature and forms her own testable hypoteses for her research projects. Sen has made many unexpected findings and leads the lab's project in the field of neuronal energy homeostasis, a territory which was completely new for our laboratory. Sen is clearly an intelligent and independent thinker with a fearless attitude to overcome any obstacle that may confront her.

Dr. Hui-Chen Lu, Gill Chair and Director

Ms. Yang says that she became interested in working with Dr. Lu and her lab in the Gill Center because of the intensive and collaborative Ph.D. training it offered, allowing her to grow as a scientist and exposing her to an excellent neuroscience community.

Ms. Yang continues to enthusiastically pursue research in neuroscience and intends to do so well into her forties.  A concern, or maybe a hope, that Ms. Yang has is the rapid emergence of artificial intelligence which could replace the role of many scientist within the next century.  "I'm hopeful AI will address questions that cannot be fully understood by humans due to our cognitive limitations," she says, and she's already working on developing her back-up plan if that happens.  She would love to try a completely different trajectory, which might include studying Buddhist philosophy or perhaps joining the Doctors without Borders/MSF - with her main goal being to live her life without any regrets.

In her spare time, Sen enjoys reading novels, anime and manga. Her favorite authors include Kinoko Nasu and Nisio Isin.  "I appreciate the philosophical kernel underlying the conflict between different characters along the story written by them, which always elicits the profound reflection during different ages of my growth."

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