Interdisciplinary approach + Innovation + Collaboration = The Gill Center


The Gill Center for Biomolecular Science at Indiana University provides the field of neuroscience with a unique platform for innovation. Powered by the extraordinary vision and commitment of Linda and Jack Gill, together with the College of Arts + Sciences, the Gill Center brings together world-class scientists and state-of-the-art facilities in an atmosphere of unimpeded experimentation. The result is real and rapid progress on understanding issues such as pain, addiction, stress, and dementia. The Gill Chairs, recruited from outside the university in order to promote the expansion of IU’s neuroscience community, are selected not only for their individual records of excellence, but also for their ability to contribute to and influence ongoing center research.

Meet the Gill chairs and faculty

Together, we’re better!

Putting leading neuroscientists with different backgrounds in close proximity allows for incredible intellectual exchanges. We have purposefully built a group with both shared values and complementary approaches, so the work we do together goes beyond what any researcher could accomplish alone. These shared values center on a commitment to improving lives by uncovering the core processes of the nervous system. We don’t just want to see what goes wrong in the nervous system. We’re committed to understanding at a fundamental level how the system works and how we can support it.

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