Megan Huibregtse

“I was actually able to craft a couple of behavior-coding protocols that the lab still uses,” she says.

In addition to Hohmann’s mentorship, Huibregtse notes that she benefitted tremendously from working with the graduate students and postdocs in the Hohmann Lab: “All the students were really nice, and very willing to talk about their writing process and their graduate school application experiences.”

As her senior year came to a close, Huibregtse met with a newly hired professor at IU’s School of Public Health-Bloomington, hoping to learn more about his research on concussions. Unexpectedly, he offered her the opportunity to become his PhD student – bypassing the usual master’s degree requirement.

“I thought I was behind schedule because I didn’t start studying neuroscience until my junior year,” Huibregtse says. “It turned out that what I learned at the Gill Center gave me so many tools that I was able to jump right into a PhD program.”

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