Song Kim

Kim also had the opportunity to present her own research through a poster at the Gill Symposium, an experience she credits with preparing her for the challenges of medical school, which she now attends at the University of Pittsburgh.

“The skills you need to present information can be really hard to develop,” she says. “I learned in the Mackie Lab how to ask well-informed questions and craft a very clear narrative.”

Kim emphasizes that this grounding is critical not only for excelling in the medical school environment but also for performing effectively in the health care field.

“I think it’s really important for physicians to have a strong understanding of the scientific method so they can apply it to their clinical work,” she says.

Her experience at the Gill Center has also given her a head start in her medical field of interest: Kim is currently shadowing neurologists and neurosurgeons in the hopes of pursuing a career in brain health.

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