• Postdoctoral Fellowship at Rockefeller University, 1981
  • Ph.D. at Indiana University, 1979
  • B.S. at Florida Atlantic University, 1974

Research interests:

Dr. DiMarchi’s contribution in chemistry and related sciences consists of nearly four decades of work in academics, the pharmaceutical industry, and biotechnology. He is a Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Gill Chair in Biomolecular Sciences at Indiana University. He is a co-founder of Ambrx, Inc., Marcadia Biotech, Assembly Biosciences, Calibrium, and MB2 Biotech. He has served as a scientific advisor to multiple pharmaceutical companies and venture funds. He is currently chairman of the Peptide Therapeutics Foundation and an external board member at Assembly Biosciences.

Dr. DiMarchi is a vice president at Novo Nordisk Research Laboratories and a retired group vice president at Eli Lilly and Company, where for more than two decades he provided leadership in biotechnology, endocrine research, and product development. He is widely recognized for discovery and development of rDNA-derived Humalog® (LisPro-human insulin), rGlucagon®, and Forteo®. As scientist and executive, Dr. DiMarchi also significantly contributed to the commercial development of Humulin®, Humatrope®, and Evista®. His current research is focused on developing macromolecules with enhanced therapeutic properties through biochemical and chemical optimization, an approach he has termed chemical-biotechnology. His academic research has broadened the understanding of glucagon physiology while championing the discovery of single molecule mixed agonists for the treatment of diabetes and obesity. He is identified as a top-five translation researcher by Nature Biotechnology for the years 2014 and 2015.

Dr. DiMarchi is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2005 AAPS Career Research Achievement Award in Biotechnology; the 2006 ACS Barnes Award for Leadership in Chemical Research Management; the 2006 ACS Esselen Award for Chemistry in the Service of Public Interest; the 2007 Carothers Award for Excellence in Polymer Sciences; the 2009 Watanabe Award for Life Sciences Research; the 2011 Merrifield Award for Career Contributions in Peptide Sciences; the 2014 German National Erwin Schrödinger-Preis, the 2015 Meienhofer Prize; 2015 Max Bergmann Medal and the 2016 ACS Alfred Burger Career Award in Medicinal Chemistry. He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2014 and the National Academy of Medicine in 2015.

Selected Distinguished Lectures and Recognitions (since 2005):

  • 2016 Am. Chem. Soc. Alfred Burger Career Achievement Award in Medicinal Chemistry
  • 2016 Honorary Doctorate, Florida Atlantic University
  • 2015 Inductee, National Academy of Medicine
  • 2015 Inductee, National Association of Inventors
  • 2014 Schrodinger German National Innovation Prize Award
  • 2014 Inductee, National Inventors Hall of Fame
  • 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award, Indiana University
  • 2012 Philip E. Nelson Innovation Prize
  • 2011 American Peptide Society Merrifield Career Excellence Award
  • 2011 Distinguished Faculty Research Award, Indiana University
  • 2009 Watanabe Biotechnology Leadership Award – State of Indiana Award
  • 2007 Am. Chem. Soc. Carothers Award for Excellence in Polymer Chemistry
  • 2007 Honorary Doctorate, Valparasio University
  • 2006 Am. Chem. Soc. Esselen Award for Outstanding Chemistry in Public Interest
  • 2006 Am. Chem. Soc. Barnes Award for Excellence in Chemical Research Management
  • 2005 AAPS Career Achievement Award in Biotechnology

Media Links:

ABC News-Wellness NewsMail Online-Health

Representative Publications (2015–18):

  • Schwenk, R.; Baumeier, C.; Finan, B.; Kluth, O.; Brauer, C.; Joost, H-G.; DiMarchi, R.; Tschöp, M. and Schürmann, A. GLP-1-estrogen attenuates hyperphagia and protects from beta cell failure in diabetes-prone NZO mice Diabetologia (2015) 58: 604–614.
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I wanted to create the future, not just apply the discoveries of the past.

Richard DiMarchi